Unique “artistic” tastes...
Our service is provided with an artistic approach

We offer added style and taste to your invitations with our “cocktail designs”.


Special presentation and unique tastes; cocktails by Cocktail Engineer add value to your party.


We are at your service in all areas of the beverage industry with a new party concept, cocktail menus, shot services, aesthetic bar stations and a fun, stylish service team.

About Cocktail Engineer

We are a young, dynamic team providing boutique drink and cocktail presentation service for your parties, gatherings, weddings, parties after wedding, corporate gatherings and any kind of organization in İzmir and other cities. Our company was established under the leadership of expert mixologist Bahattin Aydın who received several trainings in the art of preparing drink and drink mix in and out of the country. We aim to make your dreams come true at your parties, weddings and gatherings by preparing exclusive cocktails, presentations and tasty treats. The most important thing for us is to make your special day unforgettable with our presentations that appeal to your senses and to add style, quality and art to your party. We adopt sincerity as a principle.

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Our Satisfactory Services

Consulting and Orientation Training

You can contact us to increase the customer potential of your bars and restaurants, enrich your menus, and add value to your style and quality.


Wedding, Engagement and After Parties

Are you ready to make the most important day of your life unforgettable?


Cocktail and Shot Service

Whether big or small gatherings and events, we are at your disposal with our cocktails that will leave unique tastes in your mouth.


Cocktail Workshop

We are opening the doors of mixing art world for you. Whether you want to experience an entertaining and fun training day with your group of friends, or a fantastic activity for your corporate company where you can learn and socialize and leave behind the monotony, our certificated cocktail workshops are what you are looking for.


Corporate Parties, Gatherings and Events

By combining special presentations that will add value to your gathering with the highest quality ingredients, we are at your disposal to make your gathering a boutique party.


Professional Bartending and Hostess Service

We provide professional bartenders and hostesses as many as you need for your gatherings and organizations.


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